What is The Suite Faith

With the Suite faith, there is only ONE phone call, ONE company, and only ONE you. 

The Suite Faith is dedicated to tailoring all of your travel needs. 

Because Executive Travel shouldn’t be a project for you!

After your initial consultation, each journey becomes as SIMPLE as contacting us with your next destination. 

We LEARN your preferences and needs, and customize every aspect of your travel plans. 

We take care of EVERY detail of your stay from the groceries you like, car service your prefer, to the type of housing best suited for you. 

The Suite Faith’s goal is to make your stay is MORE comfortable than home, and let you focus on the purpose of your trip. 

Do you often wish you had a personal travel assistant to make your plans seamless and smooth?

Finally, the ANSWER you have been looking for is here!

The Suite Faith is the ONLY housing company that provides a PERSONAL AMBASSADOR.

From the moment you arrive, The Suite Faith's Personal Ambassadors will have everything ready for you.

We go above and beyond to make our Executive Members feel like a King or Queen during their travel stays.

One consultation with us, and you will receive perfect travel every time. 

The suite Faith helps you to save time and money by giving you one packaged price for all of your desires while travelling.

We take time to learn what best suites your needs, and every time you travel with us, we will provide those EXACT accommodations. 




5 star hotels at executive, gold and platinum levels. 



Serviced apartments provided by the top corporate housing providers in the world. 



Furnished homes vetted as the top host in the service industry.